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Little d Technology has an extensive background in networking services. We have served many businesses and agencies in La Pine for over the past 10 years, and have developed the expertise to address business needs for LAN, WAN, Broadband, and Internet network services with secure, reliable and economic solutions.

Little d Technology is La Pine’s leading computer repair and maintenance resource. Our customers range from home computer users to small business clients, receive the same high standard of friendly customer care.
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What is a Home or Small Office Network?

In your home or small office, you may have more than one computer or device. You might also have other hardware devices such as printers, scanners, phones,  or cameras. With all of these computers and devices, sharing files, folders, and your internet connection is the ideal solution.

iStock_000003243178SmallA home or small office network is a way for you to use other computers or equipment without actually being at those computers.

A peer-to-peer network, also called a workgroup, is used for home and small business networks. In this model, computers directly communicate with each other and do not require a server to manage network resources. In general, a peer-to-peer network is most appropriate for arrangements where there are less than ten computers located in the same general area.

The computers in a workgroup are considered peers because they are all equal and share resources among each other without requiring a server. Each user determines which data on their computer will be shared with the network. Sharing common resources allows users to print from a single printer, access information in shared folders, and work on a single file without transferring it to a flash drive.

With home or small office networking, you can:

• Use one computer to secure your entire network and protect your Internet connection.
• Share one Internet connection with all of the computers on your network.
• Work on files stored on any computer on the network.
• Share printers with all of the computers.


We offer an extensive line of network service including:

• Network design and implementation
• Project Management
• Remote off-site backup
• Remote Network Monitor of any IP based device


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