Verizon Total Mobile Protection

If your phone has been lost or damaged and you have Total Mobile Protection, you may file your claim here.

Premier Tech Support for your Verizon Device

If your device is insured, then you get TECH Coach for FREE!! Tech Coach is a Premier Device Support Service. Click here to learn more about Tech Coach and to Download the App.

Features and Benefits of Tech Coach:

  • Instant Access – Connect in seconds with one tap to talk live or text chat with an expert Tech Coach – with no menus, prompts, or transfers
  • One Call to Solve It All – Get your device problems solved with one call, 99% of the time
  • Smarter Support – Stay ahead of potential issues personalized device tips and tricks to help you do more with your devices

What do do if your screen is cracked

Get a new screen instead of phone replacement. Your screen will be repaired by an expert technician at home or bring it to an authorized repair location.

If your screen cannot be replaced, Asurion will send you a replacement as soon as the next day.

1. Call Asurion at 1.888.881.2622 (Preferred Method)

2. Go online at

3. Pay a $29.00 deductible

You will be asked to do one of the following:

A) Asurion will set up a remote tech

B) Asurion will ask you to mail in your phone for repair

C) Asurion will ask you to take it to a certified repair location

Protection Pro for Device Screens

The transparent film which we call Ultra, is made of an engineered, multilayered polyurethane, whose phenomenal physical properties greatly increase the impact resistance and beauty of the film, and help keep the device protected better.

The film absorbs the impact by deforming and reforming, and this property also makes it self-healing.  This means that scratches disappear with the ambient  heat.  For these abilities, NASA uses our products in the International Space station to protect tablets and displays.

The film adapts to the curves of all phones and can be used to also protect the back of modern phones, particularly those that have glass backs, that although beautiful, are very fragile and expensive. 

In addition to Ultra film, ProtectionPro also features a collection of 40 colors and textures called the Infinity Collection, that includes a beautiful palette of carbon fiber, textures, skins, sparkles, brushed metal and matte colors.  These are used to protect, beautify and personalize the backs of devices.

Phones that are old and scratched can be updated, beautified and protected with Infinity to prolong the life of the phone and personalize it, adding fashion flair.

APC Battery Back Up in STOCK